domingo, 10 de junho de 2012


Join us in charge of the garrison as qualified above, stating that to date, the deponent and his partner were triggered by the witness to appear in place of the facts to fit a case of disturbance of peace to be paid for doing a party, by invitation, at a location prohibited by Justice. The indicted that he was using the place to party, attended the militiamen who have carried out search site seized 85 tubes filled with transparent liquid in each one, which weighed 1.075 kg, sealed under number 1249652, appearing "lolo" (ether spray ) and 47 empty bottles. Held by the accused were apprehended two transparent tubes filled with substance, appearing "lolo", weighing 0.025 kg and sealed under number 1145708. The substance was sent to the expertise to carry out interim report on duty. nothing else

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